Appendices Exhibits G, H, I

Appendix G
G-1 HSCA testimony of Lt. Fruge; Louisiana State Police, excerpts
G-2 Memorandum Detective Meloche to Jim Garrison, Statement of A.H. Magruder
G-3 Department of the Treasury; Customs Service, memo, Houston, Texas, December 10 1963
G-4 Louisiana Patrol Memo from Officer Andrews on death of Rose Cheramie
Appendix H
H-1 FBI report, Miami, Florida, October 2. 1964, Odio incident; Hall, Howard and Seymour deny Odio meeting: Sylvia and Annie Odio review photographs and inform FBI that Hall, Howard and Seymour were not the three men.
Appendix I
I-I Gene Wheaton letter to ARRB, Feb 15, 1995. [104-10075-10179_0002-0003]
I-2 Professional experience resume; Gene Wheaton [104-10121-10118]
I-3 1972 White House letter of commendation; Chief Warrant Office Wheaton
I-4 ARRB Call Report, Buttimer, April 19, 1995
I-5 Copy of Jenkins' Passport, provided to ARRB by Wheaton
I-6 Copy of Jenkins' experience resume, provided to ARRB by Wheaton
I-7 Copy of Jenkins' business card with notes, provided to ARRB by Wheaton
I-8 Copy of Jenkins' employment letter, provided to ARRB by Wheaton
I-9 Carl Jenkins Memo to CIA- Report on AMJAVA-04 (Quintero) Subject: Cubela [104-10308-10096]
I-10 Carl Jenkins Memo to CIA, Report on AMBIDDY-1 (Artime) Philosophy [104-10308-10094]
I-11 Richard Helms memo to President's Military Representative; Operational Plan Submitted to CUA by Rafael Quintero (excerpt) [145-10001-10121]
I-12 1975 NPIC Memorandum for the Record, Castro assassination projects; Support for Carl Jenkins of the DD/P on Varadero Beach project.
I-13 1975 CIA Memorandum for the Record; Castro assassination projects. yacht infiltration of personnel for Castro assassination at Varadero Beach [145-10001-10122]
I-14 1975 CIA Memo the Record; Alleged Plot to Assassinate Fidel Castro