Chapter Exhibits: 1 - 3

Exhibits 1-1, "Cubans Jail Beach Man"; "Cuba Frees Jailed Boy but Daddy Must Remain, Castro Captive and Only 12"; 1-2, "U.S. Businessman on Trial in Cuba," articles from the Miami Herald.
Exhibit 1-3, Passport Office inquiry connecting Martino to Donovan mission.
Exhibits 1-4, "Miami Man Freed From Cuban Jail,' 1-5, 'Frees Beach Man, Imprisoned 40 Months and Martino Family photo,' 1-6 "Cuba Jail Shrinks Stomach," 1-7, "Cuban-Freed Yank Assails U.S. Envoys,' Miami Herald.
Exhibit 1-8 White House memorandum, Schlesinger to Goodwin, June 9, 1961 ¬ Sam Halpern information on Operation 40 and Luis Sanjenis.
Exhibit 1-8A FBI report 11/30/63, Marjorie Heimbecker interview report
Exhibit 1-9, "Hear Two Great American Patriots" speaker program, May 8, 1963.
Exhibit 1-10, 'Pawley Is Named Man of the Year "¬ 1959; 1-11, "Kennedy Blew Chance in Cuba, says Pawley;" 1-12 "Overthrow Castro ¬ Pawley;" 1-13,"Plan Had Castro Blocked ¬ Pawley"
Exhibit 1-14, March 1960 CIA contact memo; William Pawley meeting with J.D. Easterling.
Exhibit 1-15, Martino CIA 201 cover sheet; Exhibit 1-16, Martino CIA Code Names; Exhibit 1-17 Martino photo with Bayo team on mission; 1-18 Bayo mission photos from Soldier of Fortune article including Martino, Bayo, and Martinez.
Exhibit 1-19, "Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination" by John Martino, January 1964; Exhibit 1-19A,FBI memorandum, Miami, Florida May 8, 1964. Efforts to locate Cuban Source of John Martino's information regarding Oswald's activities in the Miami area.
Exhibit 1-20, HSCA March 1977 memo on Martino and Pawley expedition,
Exhibit 1-21, HSCA August memo on initial contact by "Fred" and his detailing of Martino's comments on his involvement in the Kennedy conspiracy
Exhibit 1-22, HSCA October memo on contacts with Martino family.
Exhibit 2-1, HSCA memorandum, Gonzalez to Fenton on Interview with Amador Odio.
41. WC 20, p 690.
Exhibit 2-2, McKeown's passport file indirectly indicates his supposed Communist affiliations; he was forced to deny them for the Passport Office.
Exhibit 3-1, Top Secret clearance document for Captain Richard C. Nagell;
Exhibit 3-2, CIA Chronological record of Nagell's activities 1948-1962.
Exhibit 3-3, State Department report on Nagell in Germany in 1969, acting for the CIA as verified by his presentation of "the appropriate card";
Exhibit 3-4, State Department memo on Nagell in Madrid Spain in 1969 relating promises of assistance with his children for cooperation with an unspecified U.S. government agency
Exhibit 3-5, Fair Play for Cuba Committee response letter to Lee Oswald.