Chapter Exhibits: 4 - 5

Exhibit 4-1, "Alpha 66 to Take a Bigger Swing at Castro"; 4-2, "Exiles Report Port Attack," 4-3, "Four Targets Struck but Havana Silent."
Exhibit 4-4, LIFE coverage of Eddie Bayo on Baku raid; Exhibit 4-5 POST coverage "Help Us Fight Cry the Angry Exiles!"
Exhibit 4-6, U.S. Army memorandum on Antonio Veciana Blanch and Alpha 66 Organization; exhibit 4-7, U.S. Army reports and memoranda on Veciana and Alpha 66 contacts.
Exhibit 4-7A, Memoranda for Deputy Director of Central Intelligence ­ subject Maheu, Robert A; exhibit 4-7B, Sheffield Edwards memorandum for the Record, 14 May, 1962; Exhibit 4-7C Hoover memorandum to Director CIA, Subject Anti-Castro activities, October 1960.
Exhibit 5-1, FPCC reply letter to Lee Oswald's letters of August 28, 1963 and September 1, in regard to Oswald's planned move to Baltimore.
HSCA Executive Session testimony, record 180-10118-10134, Exhibit 5-2.
Exhibit 5-3, FBI report on July 31, 1963 Lake Ponchartrain Raid on William McClaney's property.
Exhibit 5-3G DOJ report on INS files, 5-3H HSCA memo on Victor Espinosa, 5-3I HSCA subpoena request for Victor Espinosa Hernandez and Carlos Hernandez and 5-3J HSCA memo on interview with Stuart Cowley.
Exhibit 5-4, excerpts from "The Dade County Links," Miami Magazine, by Dan Christenson.
Exhibit 5-5, HSCA memoranda excerpt with information on Mike McClaney and Martinez, recommending continued investigation into McClaney associates as well as an inquiry into the activities of FBI agents James O'Connor and George Davis.
Exhibit 5-6, Justice Department memorandum recommending re-opening of Warren Commission based on reported association of Lee Oswald with known subversives.
Exhibit 5-5A.
Exhibit 5-7, Dunkin Papers, memorandum from Tom Dunkin to Dick Billings.
Exhibit 4-9, HSCA document ­ letter from Garrett Trapnell to Frank Fowlkes; Exhibit 4-10, Certified Statement - Garrett Trapnell to Parole Officer; Exhibit 4-11, FBI Summary Report on Garrett Trapnell; Exhibit 4-12, FBI memorandum on Ingrid Trapnell divorce proceedings with JM WAVE forwarding and CIA tracking sheets.
Exhibit 4-13, The Kennedys Greet the Cubans; Dynamite Found at Stadium. Perhaps more importantly, police received reports of an exile sniper in the Bowl itself with a scope equipped rifle in a duffel bag ­ Cuban male, 25 years old, 5'4," 135-150 pounds and using the name "Chino."