Chapter Exhibits: 6 -9

Exhibit 6-1, Secret Service memorandum of Nov. 27, 1963 ­ Subject Homer Samuel Valdivia Echevarria.
Exhibit 6-2, Bernard Barker personnel folder summary document; miscellaneous papers pertaining to Sierra, JGCE, Blanco, Varona, the "Nevada Group" and Nicaragua.
Exhibit 6-3; FBI HQ report of 12/22/57, record no. 124-10187-10084.
Treasury Dept Memo, McBrien to Albrecht, title: Re-Opening of Warren Commission, Exhibit 5-6.
Exhibit 7-A1, CIA Memorandum on Colby conversations with CBS.
Fiorini's reports are mentioned frequently in Bernard Barker's personnel overview ­ Exhibit 7-1, see also Exhibit 7-2, Fiorini 201 file document and 7-3 JM WAVE memoranda on status change for Fiorini as well as his ongoing reports. (Refer to Exhibit 18-1 for these documents)
Exhibit 7- 4, Secret Service Protective Research Memorandum of December 8, 1962 ­ Cuban Plot to Assassinate the President, Antonio Rodriguez y Jones and Bernardo Morales; Exhibit 7-4A Secret Service report of 11/30/62, Cuban Plot to Assassinate the President, 7-4C Secret Service report of 08/07/63 Cuban Plot to Assassinate the President.
Exhibit 7-5, "The Ever Persistent Miss Howard," by Alan Gill, TV GUIDE Jan 25, 1964.
Exhibit 7-6, Miami Harold 7-30-62, "Anti-Fidel Army is Their Goal"
Exhibit 8-1, Record Number 104-10121-10118.
Exhibit 9A-1, excerpt from Roselli FBI surveillance records, reference "Cleveland Group operations
Exhibit 9-1
Exhibit 9-2
Exhibit 9-1A, excerpt from Roselli surveillance file.
Exhibit 9-1B, Roselli surveillance files for 1961 and 1962.
Exhibit 9-1C, FBI telephone surveillance report on Roselli for August ­ September 1963.
Exhibit 9-3, Notes from Chicago Police Department, pp. 9 ­10.
Exhibit 9-4, FBI memo Rosen to DeLoach, FBI interview with Morgan; HSCA Request for Immunity Form with notes on Morgan's professed "lack of detail," confirms Morgan's relationship to Roselli and Maheu and 9-4A FBI summary report on Morgan interview and story, March 22, 1967.
Exhibit 9- 5, Memoranda for the Record, Garrison Group Meeting No. 1 and No. 2, September 1967.
Exhibit 9-6, HSCA memorandum from Gary Cornwell to Tiny Hutton, October 25, 1977 ­ Interview with Roselli's legal counsel during his Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing testimony.