Chapter Exhibits: 10-12

Exhibit 10-1; Barker personnel file summary memo, page 3 / 11112145; also exhibit 13-1).
Exhibit 10-2, CIA memorandum of February 1, 1961 ­ states that David Atlee Phillips is supervising the operation involving "Court XXX").
Exhibit 10-3, "Rebel Raids to Continue"; "Exiles Say Soviets Killed in Raids," HSCA interview of Antonio Veciana.
Exhibit 10-3A, HSCA Veciana notes, Liebengood and Routh December 1976 and Tom Moore, January 1977.
Exhibit 10-5, HSCA memorandum from Gonzales to Fenton, Aug 25, 1977.
Exhibit 10-4, "Backstage With Bobby" by Hal Hendrix, Miami News Latin American Editor.
Exhibit 11-1, "Miami Gun-Runners Go To Prison"; exhibit 11-2, "Gun Running Plot Links Miamian with Appalachian"; exhibit 11-3 State Department Passport summary report on international travel by Norman Rothman.
Exhibit 11-3A, "The Secret LIFE of Jack Ruby." New Times, 1/23/78, contains numerous revelations about Jack Ruby left unaddressed by all the official investigations.
Exhibit 11-4, Garrison investigation Outside Contact Report and related memoranda ­ Girnus interviews, photo and flight plan.
Exhibit 11-5, David Ferrie's Long Distance Telephone Call List ­ November calls missing from record ­ courtesy of researcher Larry Happenen.
Exhibit 11-7, "Suspect Nabbed on 5th Green; Partner Held in Armed Robbery.
Exhibit 12-A1, CIA Memorandum of 9 August 1963, Desmond Fitzgerald to McGeorge Bundy.
Exhibit 12-1, anti-Castro Sea Raiders Fire Imagination of Exiles, March 13, 1963.
Exhibit 7-1.
Exhibit 12-3, FBI Memo SAC San Antonio to Director and SAC Dallas, October 24, 1963, Subject: John Masen.
Exhibit 12-4, series of FBI reports on Nonte's contacts with Masen as well as the FBI's own independent investigation of Masen and the named exiles, October 25- November 8.
Exhibit 12, Report of Military Police Investigation; Texas National Guard, Terrell, Texas ­ subjects Whittier and Miller.
Exhibit, 11-5, HSCA memorandum from Allen to Wizelman on "Gun-Running activity and Jack Ruby, Donnell Darius Whittier, James Miller, Lawrence Miller and James Elrod.
Exhibit, 12-7, PROBE, July-August, 1996, article illustrated with November 22 Masen arrest fingerprint card.
Exhibit, 12-8.
Exhibit 12-9, series of Secret Service and FBI memos pertaining to the Echevarria investigation in Chicago.