Chapter Exhibits: 13-15

Exhibit 13-1, FBI reports and memoranda on Dallas Downtown Lincoln-Mercury Oswald incident, September 1964.
Exhibit 13-3, FBI report of 11/27/63; interview with Ralph Yates and his uncle, Mr. J. O. Smith.
Exhibit 13-5, September 16, 1967 memorandum.
Exhibit 13-6, Department of Justice memo, April 6, 1977, Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas.
Exhibit 14-6; photo of Jack Ruby and Oswald press conference.
References include Court Documents, a letter from Abraham Bolden to Senator Edward Long in April of 1965 and the HSCA interview with Abraham Bolden in 1978, Record Number 180-10070-10273; exhibits 14-1, Bolden letter to Senator Edward Long.
Exhibit 14-2, exhibit 14-2, HSCA interview memorandum on Abraham Bolden; exhibit 14-3, HSCA memorandum on Bolden, 1/19/78.
Exhibit 12-5, 70 pages of sworn testimony by William Walter delivered to the HSCA on March 23, 1978.
Exhibit 14- 6, recreation of teletype prepared as sample by Walter.
Exhibit, 14-7, FBI Memorandum of 10/23/75 ­ cover memo (letters missing) for series of internal FBI letters pertaining to Walter's allegation.
Exhibit, 15-1 text of Martino article "Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination" from January 1964; exhibit 15-2, On Target, July 1966 ­ featured speaker list for Patriotic Party organizational meetings as published in Minutemen monthly newsletter.
Exhibit 15-1, series of letters to Lee Oswald, Robert Kennedy, President Johnson as well as the Voice of America.
Exhibit 15-3, CIA document on surveillance of Kostikov in November of 1963.
Exhibit 15-4
Exhibit 15-5
Exhibit 15-6
Exhibit 15-7
Exhibit 15-5
Exhibit 15-8
.Exhibit 15-9
Exhibit 15-10
Exhibit 15-11
Exhibit 15-12
Exhibit 15-13
Exhibit 15-14; The President's Daily Diary, logs and entries for Nov 22-24.